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FRP Makes Data Security Automatic

Friday, January 8th, 2010

remote_locationFor proper data management, you may choose to use remote backup on a regular schedule, or you may choose ongoing real-time synchronization. You can also, with the new version 6.1 of FileReplicationPro, choose to back up older files gradually while keeping currently-used files in sync.

Still, even with the most carefully-chosen data management plan, there may be times when you’d like to be able to run a job outside of the regular schedule.

For example, you might have a remote worker working on a project in a different time zone. You may not need to sync this worker with your office server all the time, but you want to make sure the files are backed up to your server at the end of his workday.

You may prefer to allow him to back up his server data by invoking this action from a web page you have created for him, without granting him access to the Management Server.

This can be accomplished programmatically by using a script. You define the job, in this case calling it ProductsKL2LA, and write it into the script as a command line.

FRPCLI jobstart name=ProductsKL2LA

Your remote worker can run the job out of schedule, and you maintain the security of your data.

FRP is Built for Speed: Fast File Transfer

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009


Some tools are designed with lots of bells and whistles and end up being large and slow.  Think back on the last software package you bought. Chances are it did a lot of things you didn’t really need it to do. You installed it on your computer, opened it up, enjoyed the animated introduction and the cute sounds it made, and called your colleagues around to see the fun extra tricks it could do.

That’s fun for about twenty minutes. As you use the software every day, though, you begin to wish that it would just do the things you want it to do fast, without hogging your resources and making you choose among a range of options every time you start work.

In fact, a lot of us develop little tricks and workarounds to sidestep the fancy stuff our spreadsheet, word processing, or accounting programs do – so we can get our own work done without delays. Our software has trained us to do tricks.

FRP was designed from the ground up to be fast and efficient.  It is used on major servers, but can comfortably fit on your laptop. You add some files on one server, and in seconds they pop up on the other, in real time.  Large directories are compressed and streamed over, at high speed, with no impact on normal production server operations.  FRP’s multi tasked proprietary tcp/ip based communication engine will adapt to your com channels to maximize data transfer speed.

Users often share with us their surprise at how fast FRP is.  We’re not surprised; it’s fast because we made it that way.

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