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FRP Clarifies Priorities

Friday, September 11th, 2009

iceA new survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that both IT and management decision makers believe that availability of information is of high importance to their businesses — 78% of the businesspeople and 83% of the tech guys took that position.

The gap between IT and non-tech businesspeople widened, though, when they were asked whether disaster recovery and continuity were important. 74% of the IT crowd found that important. Only 49% of business executives agreed.

Think about that for a moment. Less than half of the business executives thought it would be important to be able to recover their data in case of a disaster. Not even half of them — notwithstanding the increasing number of natural disasters we’re experiencing — felt that continuity of their data was important.

We’re even more surprised that a quarter of the IT executives thought it wasn’t that important.

No one wants outages. No one wants the loss of consumer confidence that comes from lost data. No one wants the effects on productivity that downtime brings.

Business leaders still may not realize that a failure to plan for disaster is itself a recipe for disaster when it comes to data. They may not realize, either, how simple a solution can be. FRP will keep your data safe, with minimal use of resources, including staff time. Business executives may not know about FRP.
We’re not sure what the IT executives’ excuse might be.

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