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FRP Makes Remote Laptop Backup a Reality

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Now, your staff can be anywhere, and you may need them at any time.

File Replication Pro is used by shipping companies, spaceports, and multinational corporations, as well as by companies that do less traveling but still need safe, secure data management.

Business partners are heading out for some R&R but still want to stay on the same page with developments.

Researchers are heading into the field and gathering data — and you want to make sure the whole team has access to it as soon as possible.

Remote workers are completing projects and you want to make sure their data is backed up on the same reliable schedule as the servers on site.

And maybe you have some plans, yourself, and don’t want to stay on site to see the servers into the new year.

FRP has the solution. You can program all the company’s laptops to sync automatically with the management server as soon as the users log in. This is made possible by the new API.

The command line client (FRPCLI) is automatically installed on every FRP server.  Additionally, you can install FRPCLI on any computer (simply copy the FileReplicationPro/SDK/bin directory to the computer and run FRPCLI from that directory).

This means that you can create new jobs from any server or desktop you designate, submit those jobs to the management server for storage and/or execution and then have their activation and execution managed like all other FRP jobs.

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