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Automatic Backup You Can Count On

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Many utilities are built to perform their function and then report success or failure.

FRP was designed to be part of your data infrastructure.   FRP understands that you are assuming that your data moving infrastructure is fast and efficient.  That it is fault tolerant and will act persistently.

We assume that an announcement of failure is not what you want from your file replication software.  But if you use a computer, you know that things can and do go wrong. Transmission failures, network errors, internet timeouts, permissions issues – there’s always something that can go wrong. FRP has built in algorithms that adapt to the far from error-free environments of the internet, long distance communications and not so fast channels.

You need to be able to get perfect file synchronization and replication results even when the environment isn’t perfect.

Some utilities work fine as long as nothing goes wrong.  The intimate management of the communications channel allows FRP to recover from network errors, efficiently retry and restart failed actions and persistently push the data to completion.

Even when you’re not watching it.

FRP Assists with Today’s Distributed Workforce

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

laptop_manThere was a time when people chose a job near their homes — or moved to live near their jobs. Traveling salespeople had a territory near their homes and dealt with the regional office. Workers were matched with employers on the basis of geography.

Office computers didn’t really change this. The office had a local area network and a big server, and the workers came into the office to access their computers. People moved to an area because it was good for their chosen profession, or chose a profession because it was needed in the place where they lived.

Now workers and jobs are distributed unevenly around the globe. You choose your off-site workers from an international palette of talents, and send your on-site workers out more often and more widely.

When it comes to communication, this often means that your office computers are not a network of desktop workstations with a central server, but a collection of laptops in changing locations. A mobile sales forces is still likely, but you may also have a mobile accounting staff or a mobile IT department.

How do you get information from the field back to headquarters? How are new price sheets distributed from headquarters to the sales force? How can you be certain that colleagues in multiple locations are in fact working on the same iteration of a collaborative document?

Install FileReplicationPro on a laptop. As soon as that laptop is connected to the internet, it will sync with the office server in a secure manner. It’ll send information out and receive information automatically with no complex VPN setups, and with no action required from the laptop user. Install FileReplicationPro on all the laptops used by your workforce, and you have the same data available to all — better synchronization than in the average office, even if your staff stretches from Dubai to Dallas.

Not only can non-technical staff make sure to be up to date and on the same virtual page, but you don’t even have to rely on workers to remember to email, update, or even back up their data.

Download FRP synchronization software for free, now, and see how it works in your own workspace — however large a space that is.

FRP Keeps Every Office on the Same Page

Monday, August 24th, 2009

englandWickland Westcott specialises in executive search and selection, assessment and talent development. The company, located in England, is retained by organizations to help them find, select and develop people for their executive staffing needs.

As a recruitment and coaching company working out of three locations, Wickland Westcott needs a means of sharing the same data at all the offices.Without that, it might happen that one office would have the perfect candidate — for a position that another office knew about.

Keeping everyone abreast via email or phone conversations would take far too much time, in addition to the extra staff time involved in keeping records at all three locations updated.

FRP allows them to use the same data in real time at all three locations. This allows them to make that perfect match faster.

How does FRP help you?

FRP Makes Multinational Cooperation Work

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

cooperationFileReplicationPro is technology harnassed to serve the varied needs of corporations worldwide. One example of how FRP has made a difference is the case of Apliman, a communications technology company.

Apliman provides Interactive Voice Response solutions as well as a complete set of communication technology products and call center systems.

Apliman has an international portfolio of installations that span 4 continents, 25 countries, and 21 operators serving more than 70 million subscribers worldwide. Apliman is the provider of choice to the first-ever IVR installations in a number of Middle Eastern and African countries.

Apliman is using FRP to collect voice mail MP3’s from servers in the Middle East and forward them in real time to a call center in Africa for responses by agents.

Our technology makes the system work.

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