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FRP Levels the Playing Field

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Net and playerRealtors use an MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, which gives each listed home a unique number. Some Realtors may use a number of different Multiple Listing Services. Through the power of the internet, each Realtor has access to millions of listings.

A very large MLS software and hosting provider hosts over 100 MLS systems worldwide each of which has up to 8,000 member offices. With millions of real estate pictures and listings on the company servers, they have been using RSYNC to backup offsite.

However, with over 300,000 directories to be traversed RSYNC just can’t keep up. In trial runs FRP demonstrated serious speed gains over RSYNC in the initial replication and a huge difference in followup replications keeping the files up to date.

With bit-level replication, FRP only replicates the data that has changed, rather than copying entire files over and over. The difference in efficiency is striking. This means that real-time replication can be achieved without excessive use of resources.

The MLS software and hosting provider — and all their end-users — can get the full benefit of the MLS systems now, thanks to FRP.

See what FRP can do for you — download your free trial today.

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