FRP Keeps the Office Happy

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happyFileReplicationPro gives you power and speed at a great price, with economical use of resources.

Still, there may be times when you have a lot of data to move and you want to avoid running those jobs during peak hours. You can use job exclusion periods for this purpose, but sometimes the sheer size of the job makes it hard to complete during the available time.

There’s another possibility.

Consider dividing your job up into two or more jobs that run in parallel in the same time window. FRP supports multiple jobs at the same time provided you have available bandwidth.

The result: a happy organization.

FRP Does More With Less

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Spacecraft monumentA major provider of payload processing and launch services for both commercial and government aeronautics companies was running tape backups of servers at their spaceport.

This approach was slow and couldn’t operate in real time. With such essential services at stake, it was time to update to offsite server backup.

They tried one replication software product but found that it was a resource hog. It also couldn’t operate in real time. They liked the concept, but it was still frustrating. They didn’t have margin for an almost-right solution.

Finally, they tried FRP. It’s easy, with a free, fully-functional trial download, to test FRP and make sure it’s a good fit before you buy — and before you put in the time to implement it. You can try it in your workspace for 45 days and see how it works for you. They tried it out at the spaceport, and it was a perfect fit.

FRP replicates files in real time, using less bandwidth, and fewer resources. FRP was the solution for this spaceport.

FRP Does Double Duty

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rooA recruitment company for the design industry based in Melbourne, Australia, keeps two servers: one in-house at the office and one in a data center. They have a custom built, web-deployed CRM running on both. They were using MySQL to handle real-time replication at the database layer, but they needed to take care of the file system level replication. That is where FRP comes in.

From within the office all requests get handled by the in-house server, for the sake of speed. However, if the CRM is accessed from outside the office, it hits the data center server. When files are uploaded, they need to be replicated from their initial server to the other one, in order that the two file systems stay in sync in real time. FileReplicationPro handles this perfectly.

The company plans to expand to additional offices in other areas of Australia. They want all offices to be working from the same system and to have access to the same data, even though additional servers would be purchased for the additional offices. Fortunately, FRP can easily bring the new servers into the replication network.

The company also uses FRP for basic nightly backup of share drives from the in-house server to the data center, for disaster recovery purposes. Since they already rely on FRP to take care of their replication needs, they’re glad to be able to use FRP for both roles.

It’s a savings of time and money for this growing company.

FRP Keeps Every Office on the Same Page

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englandWickland Westcott specialises in executive search and selection, assessment and talent development. The company, located in England, is retained by organizations to help them find, select and develop people for their executive staffing needs.

As a recruitment and coaching company working out of three locations, Wickland Westcott needs a means of sharing the same data at all the offices.Without that, it might happen that one office would have the perfect candidate — for a position that another office knew about.

Keeping everyone abreast via email or phone conversations would take far too much time, in addition to the extra staff time involved in keeping records at all three locations updated.

FRP allows them to use the same data in real time at all three locations. This allows them to make that perfect match faster.

How does FRP help you?

FRP Makes Multinational Cooperation Work

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cooperationFileReplicationPro is technology harnassed to serve the varied needs of corporations worldwide. One example of how FRP has made a difference is the case of Apliman, a communications technology company.

Apliman provides Interactive Voice Response solutions as well as a complete set of communication technology products and call center systems.

Apliman has an international portfolio of installations that span 4 continents, 25 countries, and 21 operators serving more than 70 million subscribers worldwide. Apliman is the provider of choice to the first-ever IVR installations in a number of Middle Eastern and African countries.

Apliman is using FRP to collect voice mail MP3’s from servers in the Middle East and forward them in real time to a call center in Africa for responses by agents.

Our technology makes the system work.

FRP Improves Working Conditions

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compugirlFileReplicationPro offers advanced file replication and synchronization technologies. The big picture is how FRP helps companies and makes a difference in the operations, the level of customer satisfaction, and the bottom line.

One recent example is Weinstein Properties, a company managing multi-family homes.

Since its inception, Weinstein Properties has proudly provided superior customer service and a caring attitude towards their residents and employees. Weinstein Properties now owns and manages more than 12,000 apartment homes and is still locally owned and operated by the Weinstein family, which affords quick decision making and enables them to provide a personal touch when interacting with our customers.

To stay focused on providing superior service, Weinstein Properties has continued to invest in the latest technology and has an extensive training program for its employees.

FRP allows Weinstein to keep local backups offsite for greater security and flexibility without affecting staff or customers.

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