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FRP Averts Disaster

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

dreamstimefree_5675064As an addition to their line of services to customers, A UK graphics solution provider uses FRP to do cross platform disaster recovery.

As is so often the case for graphics work, the clients often use Macs rather than PCs. Disaster recovery plans don’t always include options for Macs.

With FRP, the company can replicate their critical data to Windows machines in leased rackspace servers at a data center.

This makes it possible for the company to offer disaster recovery at a low cost to small and medium businesses.

Not only are they offering an essential service to clients who otherwise might do without, they’re also able to smooth the oscillations in their cash flow that often affect their industry.

Good for the reseller, good for the clients, and disaster is averted.

FRP Levels the Playing Field

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Net and playerRealtors use an MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, which gives each listed home a unique number. Some Realtors may use a number of different Multiple Listing Services. Through the power of the internet, each Realtor has access to millions of listings.

A very large MLS software and hosting provider hosts over 100 MLS systems worldwide each of which has up to 8,000 member offices. With millions of real estate pictures and listings on the company servers, they have been using RSYNC to backup offsite.

However, with over 300,000 directories to be traversed RSYNC just can’t keep up. In trial runs FRP demonstrated serious speed gains over RSYNC in the initial replication and a huge difference in followup replications keeping the files up to date.

With bit-level replication, FRP only replicates the data that has changed, rather than copying entire files over and over. The difference in efficiency is striking. This means that real-time replication can be achieved without excessive use of resources.

The MLS software and hosting provider — and all their end-users — can get the full benefit of the MLS systems now, thanks to FRP.

See what FRP can do for you — download your free trial today.

FRP Clarifies Priorities

Friday, September 11th, 2009

iceA new survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that both IT and management decision makers believe that availability of information is of high importance to their businesses — 78% of the businesspeople and 83% of the tech guys took that position.

The gap between IT and non-tech businesspeople widened, though, when they were asked whether disaster recovery and continuity were important. 74% of the IT crowd found that important. Only 49% of business executives agreed.

Think about that for a moment. Less than half of the business executives thought it would be important to be able to recover their data in case of a disaster. Not even half of them — notwithstanding the increasing number of natural disasters we’re experiencing — felt that continuity of their data was important.

We’re even more surprised that a quarter of the IT executives thought it wasn’t that important.

No one wants outages. No one wants the loss of consumer confidence that comes from lost data. No one wants the effects on productivity that downtime brings.

Business leaders still may not realize that a failure to plan for disaster is itself a recipe for disaster when it comes to data. They may not realize, either, how simple a solution can be. FRP will keep your data safe, with minimal use of resources, including staff time. Business executives may not know about FRP.
We’re not sure what the IT executives’ excuse might be.

FRP Bridges the Language Gap

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

metropolitainImagine a company providing business communication services, with offices in 50 cities on four continents.

Certainly, they’re translating documents in a variety of languages. But they also provide a full range of language and business services including translation,interpretation, website globalization, subtitling, voiceovers, multicultural marketing, diversity and inclusion consulting, deposition services, and litigation support to multinational companies.

A large volume of text documents and voice files have to be transferred every day among the offices, and to and from hundreds of clients. The recipients may not be able to understand the language of the document — and therefore can’t be expected to catch file transfer errors.

This is a situation in which you have to be able to trust your file transfer solution.

Fortunately, FRP is absolutely trustworthy. This company is able to use FRP to transfer documents of all kinds with complete confidence.

FRP Alleviates Suffering

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

headacheFRP really does alleviate suffering. We can even prevent it.

According to government reports, 93% of companies which lost their data center for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. 50% filed for bankruptcy immediately.

Secure offsite backup for your data can certainly prevent that kind of suffering. That’s why some companies that make file replication software illustrate their ads with guys in suits mourning over their servers. You can see the misery, and you can just guess the reason.

Not FRP. We really aren’t just about disaster insurance. That may be why you try us out. But once you have FRP, you’ll find that there are many, many ways FRP improves your working life. Greater productivity, less stress, and increased convenience are the reasons to choose FRP.

Life isn’t just a series of disasters.

FRP Keeps the Office Happy

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

happyFileReplicationPro gives you power and speed at a great price, with economical use of resources.

Still, there may be times when you have a lot of data to move and you want to avoid running those jobs during peak hours. You can use job exclusion periods for this purpose, but sometimes the sheer size of the job makes it hard to complete during the available time.

There’s another possibility.

Consider dividing your job up into two or more jobs that run in parallel in the same time window. FRP supports multiple jobs at the same time provided you have available bandwidth.

The result: a happy organization.

FRP Does More With Less

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Spacecraft monumentA major provider of payload processing and launch services for both commercial and government aeronautics companies was running tape backups of servers at their spaceport.

This approach was slow and couldn’t operate in real time. With such essential services at stake, it was time to update to offsite server backup.

They tried one replication software product but found that it was a resource hog. It also couldn’t operate in real time. They liked the concept, but it was still frustrating. They didn’t have margin for an almost-right solution.

Finally, they tried FRP. It’s easy, with a free, fully-functional trial download, to test FRP and make sure it’s a good fit before you buy — and before you put in the time to implement it. You can try it in your workspace for 45 days and see how it works for you. They tried it out at the spaceport, and it was a perfect fit.

FRP replicates files in real time, using less bandwidth, and fewer resources. FRP was the solution for this spaceport.

FRP Does Double Duty

Friday, August 28th, 2009

rooA recruitment company for the design industry based in Melbourne, Australia, keeps two servers: one in-house at the office and one in a data center. They have a custom built, web-deployed CRM running on both. They were using MySQL to handle real-time replication at the database layer, but they needed to take care of the file system level replication. That is where FRP comes in.

From within the office all requests get handled by the in-house server, for the sake of speed. However, if the CRM is accessed from outside the office, it hits the data center server. When files are uploaded, they need to be replicated from their initial server to the other one, in order that the two file systems stay in sync in real time. FileReplicationPro handles this perfectly.

The company plans to expand to additional offices in other areas of Australia. They want all offices to be working from the same system and to have access to the same data, even though additional servers would be purchased for the additional offices. Fortunately, FRP can easily bring the new servers into the replication network.

The company also uses FRP for basic nightly backup of share drives from the in-house server to the data center, for disaster recovery purposes. Since they already rely on FRP to take care of their replication needs, they’re glad to be able to use FRP for both roles.

It’s a savings of time and money for this growing company.

FRP Keeps Every Office on the Same Page

Monday, August 24th, 2009

englandWickland Westcott specialises in executive search and selection, assessment and talent development. The company, located in England, is retained by organizations to help them find, select and develop people for their executive staffing needs.

As a recruitment and coaching company working out of three locations, Wickland Westcott needs a means of sharing the same data at all the offices.Without that, it might happen that one office would have the perfect candidate — for a position that another office knew about.

Keeping everyone abreast via email or phone conversations would take far too much time, in addition to the extra staff time involved in keeping records at all three locations updated.

FRP allows them to use the same data in real time at all three locations. This allows them to make that perfect match faster.

How does FRP help you?

FRP Makes Multinational Cooperation Work

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

cooperationFileReplicationPro is technology harnassed to serve the varied needs of corporations worldwide. One example of how FRP has made a difference is the case of Apliman, a communications technology company.

Apliman provides Interactive Voice Response solutions as well as a complete set of communication technology products and call center systems.

Apliman has an international portfolio of installations that span 4 continents, 25 countries, and 21 operators serving more than 70 million subscribers worldwide. Apliman is the provider of choice to the first-ever IVR installations in a number of Middle Eastern and African countries.

Apliman is using FRP to collect voice mail MP3’s from servers in the Middle East and forward them in real time to a call center in Africa for responses by agents.

Our technology makes the system work.

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