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FRP Web Services Keep Your Workflow Flowing

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

It was Albert Einstein who said that things should be as simple as possible — but no simpler.

File Replication Pro lets you simplify your workflow enormously. By automating backup and file sharing, you can make certain that all your data management is current and secure, with little or no effort on the part of your staff.

However, FRP also allows you to configure things the way you want them.

For example, you may have a number of different jobs and servers in your work environment. You may feel that it’s easier to maintain a script text file as the source of all the servers and jobs in your configuration. You can create that script, using copy and paste to handle multiple, similar jobs, and then submit it to FRP.

The commands are implemented as Web Services.  This means that they can be invoked from any software that supports the web services interface.  Additionally, two “clients” are provided by FRP.

FRPCLI – A Free Command Line Client

The command line client (FRPCLI) is automatically installed on every FRP server.  Additionally, you can install FRPCLI on any computer (simply copy the FileReplicationPro/SDK/bin directory to the computer and run FRPCLI from that directory).  This means that you can create new jobs from any server or desktop you designate, submit those jobs to the management server for storage and/or execution and then have their activation and execution managed like all other FRP jobs.


An HTTP client page is included in the Management Server which receives the commands as HTTP GETs (i.e. as a URL where the parameters are the Query String) and convert them to service requests.  The HTTP command syntax is the same as the command line syntax except that the “server” and server’s Ip address are not required since they are implied in the URL.

The client webpage can be accessed at:    http://localhost:9100/cli_console.jsp

If you’re using FRP right now, and you need some assistance with figuring out how to get the most out of the new web services capabilities, contact us at We answer our email very quickly.

If you’re not using FRP yet and would like to try it out, try download a free trial of File Replication Pro for your operating system today, and see how well it works in your work environment.

Automatic Backup You Can Count On

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Many utilities are built to perform their function and then report success or failure.

FRP was designed to be part of your data infrastructure.   FRP understands that you are assuming that your data moving infrastructure is fast and efficient.  That it is fault tolerant and will act persistently.

We assume that an announcement of failure is not what you want from your file replication software.  But if you use a computer, you know that things can and do go wrong. Transmission failures, network errors, internet timeouts, permissions issues – there’s always something that can go wrong. FRP has built in algorithms that adapt to the far from error-free environments of the internet, long distance communications and not so fast channels.

You need to be able to get perfect file synchronization and replication results even when the environment isn’t perfect.

Some utilities work fine as long as nothing goes wrong.  The intimate management of the communications channel allows FRP to recover from network errors, efficiently retry and restart failed actions and persistently push the data to completion.

Even when you’re not watching it.

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