FRP Helps Power Users with File Transfer API

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power userThe FRP Power User is a special person with the ability to save a lot of time and money for his or her company. Some of the features we build into FRP are for the power user, and one of them is the API.

You don’t have to be a Power User to benefit from most of the advantages of FRP. In fact, one of the great things about FRP is the way it keeps your data safe, secure, and synced without special knowledge and effort on the part of you or your staff. Get your IT people to configure FRP to sync files automatically whenever one of your workers opens a laptop, and you save your company endless stress and strife.

The API, or Application Programming Interface, allows you to do much more with FRP. You can set up your replications in Excel if you want to, and pass them to FRP programmatically. If you have 50 servers, you can copy the conventions you use. You can programmatically create or start jobs using simple URLs rather than the more demanding XML-RPC API.

In short, File Replication Pro’s new API allows FRP to communicate with other programs you’re already using, in the way that works best for you. It allows you to script the replication based on your environment.

One specialist loves the flexibility for multimedia work. The files are huge, and a scalable solution with the adaptability of an open API gives him the edge he needs. “It’s a highly flexible, redundant, scalable architecture for high bandwidth uses,” he told us happily.

For example, at the end of the day, to get the files from the field back to the office, we kick off an immediate 2-way sync, using this script:

FRPCLI mirror2way  //WinLA/C:\Data\LA //OSXAtlanta/Documents/LA

This command starts an immediate 2-way synchronization between the two servers, moving the large data files at blazing fast speed with a single simple command. The beauty of this is that FRPCLI, the application that invokes the API, is a utility that sits in any directory. You can create a batch file to be called on completion of a script within the application you’re using and immediately replicate your files at a remote server.

What’s more, you can arrange for the batch file to be executed in a number of ways.

* The user can double click it when ready to replicate, say upon completion of a stage of the product and when ready to send it along for approval or to the next stage of production.

* The application can automatically call it based on its requirements.

* The Power User can create a multi-line batch file to do tens or hundreds of jobs all from the command line.

As soon as the commands are executed, FRP immediately replicates your files per your instructions from servers and to servers pushing, pulling, or syncing — as you’ve directed.

Of course, there are more possibilities. The adaptability of the API allows you to use FRP the way that you want to, confident of seamless, speedy real-time replication and synchronization to meet your needs, whatever they are.

The increased efficiency and smoothness of operation let you — or the Power User on your staff — accomplish more.

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