FRP Improves Working Conditions

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compugirlFileReplicationPro offers advanced file replication and synchronization technologies. The big picture is how FRP helps companies and makes a difference in the operations, the level of customer satisfaction, and the bottom line.

One recent example is Weinstein Properties, a company managing multi-family homes.

Since its inception, Weinstein Properties has proudly provided superior customer service and a caring attitude towards their residents and employees. Weinstein Properties now owns and manages more than 12,000 apartment homes and is still locally owned and operated by the Weinstein family, which affords quick decision making and enables them to provide a personal touch when interacting with our customers.

To stay focused on providing superior service, Weinstein Properties has continued to invest in the latest technology and has an extensive training program for its employees.

FRP allows Weinstein to keep local backups offsite for greater security and flexibility without affecting staff or customers.

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